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Why should I use Finmaven?

Monitor all of social for any company, product, or brand
We create custom social listening feeds for any topic a client wants – be it a company, brand, campaign, product, or individual. We have pre-built social feeds for 15,000+ companies and may already have the data and analytics you want
Measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts
Discover who is interested in the content you share with an in-depth analysis of your audience's behaviour. Finmaven's sentiment, influence, and reach analyses help you discern the importance of information coming from external sources
Get a return on your social investment
Quickly uncover trends, measure engagement levels, and compare a variety of metrics from multiple social feeds using our drag-and-drop report generator

What makes Finmaven unique?

Listen for anything, from any source

We can pull all real-time data from Twitter, Facebook, message boards, and blogs that mention individual keywords or phrases that interest you. Create a comprehensive feed that picks up conversations related to your company or customize specific search queries to track campaigns, individuals, products, or topics.

An analytics-first approach to social

Finmaven automatically computes all the core analyses that our clients have asked us for. Out-of-the-box analytics for any of your social feeds include most shared articles, sentiment graphs, trending hashtags, influential individuals, and more.

Listening, analytics, and publishing in one

Manage your company's social media presence from one place. Finmaven's multi-functional suite allows you to monitor, distribute, and analyze social media content from multiple sources without having to leave the platform. Distribute, measure, and engage with streamlined workflows built to accommodate busy individuals and teams.

We've already built 15,000 feeds for you

Finmaven comes pre-loaded with a library of social data feeds corresponding to over 15,000 public companies listed on seven exchanges world-wide. Compare current and historical social chatter across industries, competitors, and exchanges instantaneously, without needing to create your own search queries.

Built for Corporate Communications, PR, and IR

For many professionals in large corporations or regulated industries, social media can seem risky. Avoid social media anxiety with compliance-friendly workflows that are designed to guard against reputation harm and regulatory conflicts.

Enterprise-grade reporting at no extra cost

Compare multiple metrics from any custom or pre-built social feed and display this information visually with a variety of graphs and charts. Combine these images to create custom reports that can be continuously updated, shared, and exported. Our drag-and-drop reports are intuitive to use and available at no extra cost.

We deliver fanatical client support

Leveraging social media to produce valuable, measureable insight requires knowledge of how people communicate on social networks. Our responsive support team will guide you through this process and work alongside you to answer your questions while ensuring you are capturing the content you want

We have all the social data sources covered

Finmaven is continuously consuming data from multiple sources including Twitter, Facebook, message boards, blogs, and news sources. Content is sorted by topic, company, and keyword and delivered straight to our users with influential or popular content emphasized.

Transparent, flat pricing

Unlike the other names in social we don't nickle and dime you. One monthly fee gives your firm unlimited data to our features - we have no limits on data or users.